Avocado egg rolls – Cheesecake factory (simplify) + dip

Thai red curry – with assorted veggies (peppers, basil, spinach, eggplant, tomato, pineapple…meat…)

Quinoa stew – olives

Ratatoille – olives

Kabacha squash stew/soup – less beef

Curry chicken salad minus chicken (or less chicken) – cashews, mayo?

Sushi bowl (lion king version with veggies)

Butternut squash ravioli (inside only, no pasta)

Baked butternut squash? Salad, veggie combo thing.


Butternut squash and apple soup (from Lettuce)

Salads (inspired by Lettuce and Tender Greens)

Red bean/taro/coconut milk/stevia dessert



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